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All the finishing touches for your highland outfit.


We have a range of sporrans available for adults including Black, Dress, or Semi Dress sporrans.

Dress Sporrans are the most traditional and normally worn with Prince Charlie jacket.  There is also the option of wearing the  Black Sporran with this outfit. 

Semi Dress sporrans are a more casual option and normally worn with Tweed or Argyll jacket.  All boys sporrans are Semi Dress.


A leather belt adds the finishing touch.

Ghillie Shirt

A more casual option, the open necked white Ghillie Shirt is perfect for weddings abroad.  It’s also a more comfortable option for the evening reception.

This shirt is available for children and adults in chest sizes 18” – 52” (4XL)

Skean Dhu

The Skean Dhu is a replica of a traditional dagger and should be worn in the sock of the opposite leg to the hand with which you write.


A traditional Ghillie Brogue with long laces to allow which have tassles on the ends.  These should be laced up so they cross over the Hose (socks) at the calf.


Worn around the top of the Hose (socks) these are intended to coordinate with the kilt and complete the outfit.

Available in 4 colours; Black, Red, Navy & Green.